Success Shines On 200 Bales

Post date: Jul 15, 2020 4:45:27 AM

Those behind 200 Bales have announced that the decision has been made to put the movement “on the shelf” for the moment.

Glenn Box says, "At the moment, our demand and request for the amount of bales has decreased with the good recovery we've had".

He says that the Mudgee Lions Club will keep the fundraising project account open for those individuals and groups who wish to still support the campaign, and build a reserve of funds should the campaign be required in the future for disaster assistance due to fire or drought.

Over the 23 months that 200 bales have been in operation, more than 3000 bales were distributed.

He also says "We worked hard to achieve what we did with the support across the region. We ended up with an excess of $600,000 raised".