Region doing "The right thing"

Post date: Aug 2, 2020 8:31:14 PM

Businesses in the region are doing the right thing when it comes to Covid19.

“We will ensure that any business is abiding by the conditions that have been set. We will give warnings, but those warnings only go so far. - Officer in Charge at Mudgee Police station, Inspector Mark Fehon, speaking with Ken Sutcliffe on 2MG.

He says that there are fines of $1000 for individuals or $5000 for businesses breaking the rules.

He also backed those businesses wanting customers to wear masks, saying that they are well within the law to refuse entry.

“They do have the right to refuse people entry into their business for whatever reasons if they think it's a safety issue, they do work under work health and safety conditions, so if they want to maintain the safety of their staff and the people that do shop there”

He also believes that mask wearing will become the new norm

“Great idea. I think that is what we will need to do, that this is going to be the new norm”

And while there are NO COVID cases in our region, and no restriction’s currently in place, NSW Police across the state are concerned.

“It is a nervous situation because you don't know who's going to come in. People often don't realise they've got the disease, so I am nervous about it, but if everybody takes the precautions I'm sure that we will be OK”