Pubs And Clubs Allowing More People

Post date: May 24, 2020 9:32:30 PM

Pubs and clubs are set to reopen for UP TO 50 patrons from June 1st with the announcement made by the premier on Friday.

A number of regulations will still apply, however the main change is that people can now “drop in for a drink” without the need to purchase a meal.

This has been welcomed by one local publican, who says that a lot of her daily customers like to just have a drink and a chat.

We spoke with Amanda at the courthouse hotel on Friday, and while she said she was still waiting for the full details, having up to 50 customers in an establishment such as her was good, and easy to achieve with the range of different areas that many of the local establishment have.

She said its massive news.

The regulations mean that there has to be in adherence to the four-square-metre rule, so smaller venues won’t be able to house that many customers.

There will also be restrictions on group bookings, with no more than 10 people per booking allowed, plus you have to be seated at a table, with no mingling and no standing around.

Pubs would have to provide table service to customers, rather than having them buy drinks at the bar.

It is understood that ClubsNSW have told their members that gaming facilities can also reopen from that date.