Locals Hassled After Drawing With Chalk

Post date: Jul 21, 2020 11:11:27 PM

A Local resident has questioned why she and a group of children were asked to stop chalk drawing in a local park on Friday.

In a message to Real FM, Laura says that with Friday being the last day of School Holidays, she thought they would do something different, and spent 1.5 hrs colouring in rainbow rocks at Robertson park.

She says it was then that a worker with Mid-Western Regional Council came along, asking them not to do it anymore.

Our newsroom has contacted council for a comment on the matter, with their spokesperson telling us that “Chalk drawings are permitted in public spaces within the region as long as individuals are not obstructing footpaths from pedestrians and drawings are not of an offensive, political or commercial nature."

They also say that council has itself co-ordinated chalk drawing art installation workshops in the Mudgee Library precinct with residents guided by local artists.

Unfortunately, it appears there has been a misunderstanding in this instance and Council apologises for the confusion.