Local Senior Sports Leagues 'Suspended' For The Year

Post date: Jun 11, 2020 4:36:41 AM

A local sports league meeting on Tuesday night has thawed a conclusion that there will not be a Group 10 competition for the 2020 season.

Group 10 CEO, Linore Zamparini, says that the decision is unprecedented.

"Making the decision hurts, but the clubs have looked at the situation, and with the competition getting shorter and not knowing whether we would have the canteen and facilities running, a decision had to be made sooner than later".

Mr Zamparini also says that the Group 10 Premier League, First Division and Senior League tag competitions will not go ahead, however the under 18’s will still be played.

The move for the under 18's to still play this season has been welcomed by Mudgee Dragons president, Sebastian Flack:

"It's a good thing to let our up and coming Juniors to still play, as it keeps them interested in the sport and gives them something to do this season".

"Everyone knows that the Junior Leagues is where we channel and select our Senior players from".

Sebastian also says that while they still wanted to play in 2020, the decision has come down to the availability of money.

"...it's financially hard on the club, because we don't expect our sponsors to pay anything as they haven't really been open".

The president and the club are looking forward to playing next year, coming in strong for the upcoming season.