Highways Around The Region Face Delays

Post date: Jul 8, 2020 10:22:43 PM

Motorists could face delays on both the Castlereagh and Great Western Highways from today, with wind turbine components to be transported to the site at Aarons Pass.

The Crudine Ridge Wind Farm has seen smaller components already transported to the site via Mudgee, but the 70-meter blades will need to travel via the Blue Mountains.

Jamie Wallace from Transport for NSW says that these delays can be expected 6 days per week until September.

"Between 4am and 5am in the morning, traffic can expect to be delayed for up to 25 minutes".

Mr Wallace also says that this is due to "a series of 70-metre long loads, which means east-bound traffic on the Great Western Highway will be effected".

Blade’s will travel North from Lithgow to Aarons pass, with blades expected at Ben Bullen by 7AM, and should arrive at Aarons Pass Road at 8am each morning, with only slight delays expected on this Highway.