Cutting of more 'Red Tape' At A Local Level

Post date: Jul 19, 2020 11:59:42 PM

The Cutting of more Red Tape is one of the main issues that Mayor Des Kennedy wants to address at a local and State level.

The Mayor Spoke with Ken Sutcliffe on 2MG on Saturday.

"I think the biggest bug-bear that every Councillor has is the complaints they get from people".

"There is common sense to prevail, so that's why Minister Stokes had said they will cut the Red Tape at a State level".

He says that Council’s planning department are the busiest they have been in recent years at the moment, but says there is one way that could speed up the DA process.

"If you're going to lodge a DA, you should sit down with a planner to roughly go through it, so if anything is blatantly wrong to start with, it's not going to hold you up for two or three weeks." Cr Kennedy says.