Councillor Walks Out Of Local Meeting

Post date: Jul 3, 2020 12:34:55 AM

Local Councillor, Russell Holden, has defended his move to leave the extraordinary meeting of council on Tuesday.

Both Cr Holden and Cr Karavas left the meeting early, before the vote on the 2020/21 Operational Plan, a move Cr Holden says was made due to him not being provided the opportunity to read the Business papers prior to being requested to vote on their content.

He has told 2MG News that he could not “in good conscience, say he understood the contents” of the papers without having had time to read them first.

Cr Holden also says even as the plan on which had been on public display prior to the meeting, it is possible that a number of changes would have been made to the document, and voting on them without reading or understanding them would make it illegal for a councillor to participate in the vote.