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This is a collection of photos 'old & new' for 2MG.  If you have any older photos, we would love to arrange a copy.


Fundraising for the Mudgee Hospital Auxiliary.



As the result of a bet between Hugh Bateman & Basso, Hugh was required to wear a St. George Dragons Jersey at the clock for 2 hours.  Hugh & Basso collected funds for the Hospital Auxiliary as part of the bet.

At total of $3667.60 was donated on the day.

Here we see Basso & Hugh collecting on the day.


(PHOTO BY DON MAHONEY, The Mudgee Guardian)





Here we see Basso & Hugh, along with the Mudgee Hospital Auxiliary's Jan Bransgrove, Marion Cowell and Glenys Goodfellow, as they present the funds raised to the Mudgee Hospital Auxiliary.

(PHOTO BY SAM POTTS, The Mudgee Guardian)




A selection from floods - December 2010.   These show our studios, transmitter, and entrance to the old building


2MG Studios.  These date back to 1959


2MG Studios.  Scott Heldon at work in 1982


Outside old 2MG building (l)   -    Matt Ponsonby at work (r)


Craig Ross during the late 80's, early 90's


Leon Bell - 1972 (l)    -    Janadelle Ryman 1962 (r)


A Collection of past "bumper stickers"







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