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Fire Danger Heats Up

posted Jan 15, 2019, 10:42 AM by 2MG Real FM
The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is warning residents of the Mid Western Regional Council area to be aware of the increased fire danger as temperatures continue to rise.

“Storms in recent weeks have brought much needed rain to parts of the district” said District Officer Jayne Leary of the NSW RFS Cudgegong District. “However, vegetation is still very dry and the high temperatures we are experiencing will worsen this.”

“Storms also bring lightning and we have dealt with more than 30 fires in the last 2 weeks. A 3 hectare fire on Aarons Pass Road took several days to extinguish using volunteer crews supported by aircraft and a dozer. Many of the fires have been in rugged terrain and have required a lot of hard work by remote area firefighters and aircraft.

“Large, dangerous fires can also start from something simple like a spark from machinery or equipment, like grinding, welding, soldering or even slashing and mowing. We encourage you to take all precautions when conducting these activities and to postpone them to a cooler time of day if possible, District Officer Leary said.

“We also strongly encourage all residents to prepare their family and their property for bush fires. Most people have some kind of plan but you need to ask yourself whether your plan will stand up to the test of a fire:
*Does everyone in your family know what to do if a fire starts near you?
*Is your home and property prepared for a bush fire?
*Do you know the bush fire alert levels?
*Do you have information like websites, emergency details and the Fires Near Me app handy?”

Information to help you plan and prepare is available at www.myfireplan.com.au

It is very easy on awfully hot days like we are currently experiencing to close the blinds, turn on the air conditioning and forget what is happening outside.

However, being aware of what is happening around you is a vital part of being prepared for bush fires.

For more information contact the NSW RFS in Mudgee on 6372 4434.