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Candidate may not visit region

posted May 1, 2019, 1:37 PM by 2MG Real FM
Questions have been raised of the commitment of at least one of the candidates to our region in the upcoming Federal Election.

SHUYI CHEN is listed at the Candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (also known as the Fred Nile Group), and has listed their address as outside of the electorate.

In a recent report in Bathurst’s Western Advocate Newspaper, they reported that Shuyi Chen as a candidate in the lower house seat of Calare but said they were a late addition and would not be 'active' in the campaign.

Our Newsroom contacted the parties head office yesterday, and when was told twice that the candidate was a later addition as “they needs a name on the paper” and when pressed, the spokesman did indicate that we would possibly see Shuyi Chen int the electorate late in the campaign.

Party federal president Reverend Fred Nile is quoted in the Western Advocate as saying that the party had two people that could have stood in this area but due to their commitments, they weren't able to run. A lot of people were burnt out and tired from the state election.